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The new band currently rehearsing with the focus as a three piece has a simple objective. Just as the late ‘Gatemouth’ Brown had similarly once said, “We play American and world music.” That’s it. But perhaps more importantly, this is a leaderless endeavor. Powered by a musically similar vision. A diverse blend of musical remedies and melodies meant to shake and stir the soul. Whether it’s funk, blues, rock, reggae, r&b or soulful country – we’re gonna fill the tank. Including works of own own. We like good music and if we can get behind what we’re doing, we think others will too. So don’t expect us to play it safe on the sound-stage. We’re going to stretch out and explore our abilities. Open to creativity along with a wide tapestry of taste will surely breed some unfamiliar tunes, but one will also hear popular hits or the more familiar along the course of a show. More so at least, than some of my ‘blues only’ musical past experiences would allow. The feeling or sense of musical freedom among us is long overdue. Both personally and is also shared, as a band that we’ve individually always wanted to be in. So, here we are. We’ll be there, soon. Come hear us when you can. You’ll know our name when you see us booked. So come back and take look.


Mark Stein – Bass, vocals

Kevin Smith – Guitar, vocals

Jeff Frye – Drums, vocals